hen I finished my studies in Tourism I began to work in the field of international HR consultancy. I work in the design and management of European education projects, mainly those related with the transnational mobility of people for learning and training purposes.


I have served most of my professional career in different international consulting companies, mainly in Spain, United Kingdom, Italy and Germany.

I am an expert in the design and integral management of transnational mobility projects for young people, trainers, counsellors, experts, public decision-makers, among others. During my career I have contributed to the creation of European networks for lifelong learning and training, which have developed and supported dozens of projects sponsored by the European Union.

Since 2012 I have worked in the field of international training in the football industry. Currently I work at Imfootball with the Fundación RFEF, and other football institutions in Spain and Europe: AFE, LFEUK, FIFPro, International Football Associations, European Football Federations, football academies, clubs, among others.

I have participated in the design of the FOOTBALL COACHES+ project, a pioneer in the framework of the ERASMUS+ European Programme for the Royal Spanish Football Association. In this project, I work providing advice and support to the FRFEF in the coordination of the project.

My work occupies most of my time, but I try to get some time to share with my family and to cultivate my hobbies, such as gastronomy, reading and travel.