onsultant of international mobility projects in the football industry.

Graduated in Translation and Interpretation, with a professional and training career focused on the translation of new technologies and on the training sector. I started my career working as a teacher of foreign languages ​​and creating digital educational content for Spanish publishing companies. Later, my interest in new technologies and my attention to detail led me to work as a Senior Software QA Tester of practical exams and official certifications of prestigious tools, such as Microsoft or Adobe, in countless languages, from Spanish from Spain or Portuguese from Brazil to more distant languages ​​like Korean, Russian, Simplified Chinese, Thai or Vietnamese.

During this period, I spent much of my time abroad as a student and as a professional, which allowed me to discover new ways of working and to appreciate the advantages of intercultural interaction within a professional context.

In 2016, I decided to give a turn to my professional life, and I started working as a consultant of transnational mobility projects in the football sector, participating in projects such as Football Coaches+ within the framework of the Erasmus+ European Programme for the Royal Spanish Football Association. At present, I participate in the successive projects: Football Coaches+ II and Football Coaches+ III. In this way, I manage to combine elements of my education (learning, training and new technologies) and my personality (passion for sports, international mobility and interculturality).

I spend my free time devoted to my hobbies: writing, photography, travel and sports. I feel especially linked to the world of CrossFit. Currently, I collaborate with the digital magazine Infowod, specialised in CrossFit, and with the coaching programme Prime Athletes Programme as a photographer and Community Manager.