IMOVING FOOTBALL and FÚTBOL CARRASCO will jointly develop the organization of the project: “SPORTS-FORMATIVE EVENTS FÚTBOLCARRASCO & IAMFOOTBALL”, which consists in the organization of a package of sports-formative events on the field of football, namely:

  • FUTBOLCARRASCO Elite Football Camp, to be held in Málaga in the school Colegio Novaschool, during the second week of July 2019.
  • Clinic, aimed at both Spanish and foreigner football trainers, and to be held in Spain.
  • Clinic, aimed at foreigner football trainers, and to be held in different countries.

The first major event will be the development, on the Spanish Costa del Sol (Málaga), of the Elite International Football Camp for foreign football players during the second week of July 2019.

A one-week programme focused on:

  • The technical and tactical training of the football player.
  • The introduction to the Spanish language through football.
  • Extra-sports education and coexistence through the football practice.

The Elite Football Camp – Summer 2019 by Fútbol Carrasco is ranked as a 5-star event by different Spanish sports organisations. The event brings together more than 500 players of all categories every year.

During the stay, the player will develop:

  • 3 hours of professional training taught by highly qualified football coaches.
  • Competitions against federated teams in the area.
  • Likewise, goalkeepers will have specific training with a specific coach for their individual improvement in two specific daily sessions.

The Elite Football Camp – Summer 2019 also includes leisure time for players, such as football-related competitions and activities outside the Camp facilities (cinema, water park and beach).

Daily lessons of Spanish and football will be organised, where the football player will acquire basic vocabulary. This linguistic training will be reinforced by the day to day of the Camp, through the training sessions with the Spanish coaches.

Undoubtedly, it is a great opportunity for young foreign players, and their families if interested, to come to Spain and enjoy a week devoted to learning about Spanish professional football as well as Spanish culture near to the unrivalled setting, the sea of ​​the Costa del Sol.

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