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Today we present our new website, with a profile of images and contents focused on football and which addresses topics such as training, mobility, lifelong learning and employment of football HR. After a year in operation, in Imoving, we felt the need to take another step further based on our original convictions but always looking to the future.

Much of our activity has been focused on the sport of football, where we have contributed with all the experience and professionalism of our team, creating and developing efficient services, focused on the football HR so that they can enhance their employability through training and learning and access the football labour market, which is global. Football has become the main pillar in the global entertainment industry.

The football industry demands professionals who are technically prepared, but who also have the competences, knowledge and skills necessary to work anywhere in the world. Knowledge of languages, social and cultural competences, and digital, communicative and collaborative skills are the key competencies that all football HR must have to work in this industry.

Imovingfootball addresses to professional football and grassroots HR (coaches, players, directors, managers, trainers, agents, etc.) and to football organisations and institutions (clubs, national associations, football players associations, leagues, football foundations, training centres, football schools, among the most outstanding examples).

We are specialised in organising training stays in Spain and in any other country of the world, which provides participants with the added value of learning football from different perspectives: technical, educational and training, cultural, social, legal, among the most important. This methodology of mobility for training and learning is the best path to employment. In fact, most of the young people who have undertook a training experience abroad have achieved a job in the football sector, in different countries: China, India, USA, United Kingdom, Germany, among others.

Our values ​​are the responsibility and the honesty towards the key agents with whom we work: participants of projects, institutions, clients, collaborators and partners. We focus our work on achieving the 100% of the objectives of the project. We believe that people and their needs are the most important aspect.

We apply quality to all our work processes, as a craftsman does with their work, meticulous and detailed. We like new ideas and look far ahead, so innovation is always present in our projects.

We recognise the importance of a well done work, to satisfy the needs of our partners and customers. This is why we continue to improve and work with passion in the football industry.

Keep your eyes on the ball!

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