Iam Football SLU is a Spanish company located in Madrid, which uses the brand Imovingfootball –Imfootball, and is dedicated mainly to assist football actors in seizing education, training, learning and transnational mobility opportunities in the football industry.

In ImFootball we feel passion for football. We believe in education and training as the best tools for people to successfully empower themselves and meet the challenges of the Network Society where we live.

  • More than 20 years of experience and professionalism in the management of mobility projects for the training and learning of HR, with excellent results. Pioneers in the world of football.
  • Quality as a guarantee of our services, focused on users and customers satisfaction.
  • Innovation in the methodology and objectives of our programmes, introducing new elements and perspectives.
  • Responsibility and commitment to our partners, customers, collaborators and the rest of the society.

Our methodology in Imfootball is designed to respond to the needs and challenges of HR in the football industry, and focuses on:

  • Connect mobility –education and training– with employment.
  • Work in learning contexts: learning by doing.
  • Create collective knowledge through collaborative learning.
  • Empower people to work in the Network Society.


First, we believe in a idea, a project, a global strategy. Then, we decide what to do and how to do it.

The result:
Projects with soul

  • We design global strategies to improve the employability of HR in the football industry.
  • Our mission is to connect education and training with employment in the football industry.
  • Our base is our team.
  • Made up of experts and responsible people, who are enthusiasts of football.
  • We believe in the values and benefits that education, transnational mobility, lifelong learning and innovation bring to people to work in the football industry.
  • We are a network company.
  • We work with global networks of expert partners and collaborators in the football industry, including major federations, associations, bodies and entities in the football at an international level.
  • We look at the football industry from different angles and perspectives.
  • Training and learning, employment creation, social inclusion, equal opportunities, economic growth and sustainability, good governance, corporate social responsability, among the most important values.